The types of coffee that we produce are Arabic Coffea and Coffea canephora(Robust). In all the qualities Height, Extra Prima, Prima Wash and clean.

      The Arabic coffee represents approximately 70 % of the world production of coffee and is considered to be that of higher quality. Has characteristics in cup of light flavor and both the acidity and the body is defined by the height and the zone where we cultivate it.
The content in caffeine of the grain is relatively low, between 0,9 % and a 1,5 %.  

      This coffee is produced principally in the zone of the Soconusco and though it is a variety that possesses many production and low costs in its managing, the quality is not advisable at all to take in a direct way.
We have also this variety in some of the estates, it is tried as wash. This coffee can be used for some special mixing principally for expresso; giving to the cup very much body and acidity.
A cup produces with the double of caffeine that Arabic between 2 % and 4,5 %.