Even with the modern machinery with the one that benefits the coffee, the processes continue being practically the same ones that 100 years ago; if something we can learn it is that it is possible to harmonize the traditional thing with the current thing, this gives us like proved an excellent Coffee.

     We cultivate the coffee under shade, with this method nitrogen is added to the soil, which is very adapted for the cultivation of coffee.
     The plant starts producing after four years. Its productive life can be major at the age of 40, its production is given once a year during what cycle is called a coffee grower. Depending on the zone and the height is the epoch of cut, initiates in September and concludes in March.

     The cut is done to hand in selective form and only there are cut the ripe fruits that are of color cherry.
     With the purpose of obtaining the best possible quality and for being compromised by the use of water and of the tailing, the coffee is tried in a humid independent benefit; recently adapted to give fulfillment with the ecological existing

     To this center of processing one has installed a Benefit to it with machinery of last generation who allows to obtain the best quality of the coffee without sacrificing the environment.
     The coffee is di-pulped and fermented to separate the slime of the grain. This phase is very delicate because a coffee over fermented will give an astringent flavor, the average time of fermentation they are 24 hours.

     Later the coffee puts to dry in court taking advantage of our major source of energy, the Sun. In this stage 12 % of dampness is obtained. To the final product we are called it a coffee parchment that turns it into gold.